Task Force on ASEAN Migrant Workers

Indonesian CSO_TU Consultation
Protection and Promotion of the Rights of the Migrant Workers
12 May 2007, Jakarta, Indonesia

On 12 May 2007, the Task Force on ASEAN Migrant Workers organized the Indonesian National CSO_TU Consultation, together with UNI-APRO, ASPEK and HRWG active members in networks promoting the rights of migrant workers. More then 50 participants, from trade unions, migrant workers organisations, and human rights organsiations, from all over Indonesia, actively participated in the Consultation   The CSO_TU Consultation Workshop sessions where the different groups consolidated their efforts and came up with common recommendation related to the \"ASEAN Framework Instrument on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of the Migrant Workers to the Indonesian Government and the ASEAN Senior Labour Offical Meeting [SLOM].

We appreciate the attendance of Indonesian Senior official at the Consultation workshop, namely:

14 May 2007, Task Force as part of the continuing advocacy  towards protection and promotion of the rights of migrant workers, actively, engaged in dialogue with the following:

The Task Force met with Mr. Alan Boulton, the Director of the ILO office in Jakarta, and with Mr. M.C. Abad, the Director of the Human Development Bureau of ASEAN.   Both were quite interested and engaged in discussions with the Task Force on our recommendations, and pledged their continued cooperation on efforts to forge a regional instrument that will ensure better protection for migrant workers\' rights. 

The Task Force Convenor handover to the ASEAN Secretariat M.C. Abad copies of the Key Documents including the CSO_TU Position Paper on the Rights of the Migrant Workers, Kuala Lumpur CSO-TU Statement and the Jakarta CSO-TU Statement. The Covenor emphasized the pro-activeness of the CSO-TU movement in the region to engage ASEAN towards the shared \"people-centred\" agenda of a truly caring and sharing society in Southeast Asia.

The Convenor formally convey to the Ministry of Manpower the  “Recommendations from ASEAN Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)—Trade Unions Consultation on Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers, 12 May 2007, Jakarta, Indonesia.”  This set of findings and recommendations was adopted by the participants of this national Indonesia consultation, representing over twenty NGOs and trade unions working on the issues affecting migrant workers.   The recommendations are divided into two sections – first, recommendations for ASEAN which reflect regional issues, and second, recommendations for the Government of Indonesia which deal with specific national issues. 

15-16 May 2007, Indonesia hosted  the 5th ASEAN Senior Labor Officials Meeting (ASLOM)

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Jakarta Statement of the ASEAN CSOs-TUs National Consultation Workshop, 12 May 2007