ASEAN Human Rights Declaration to prioritize migrant workers\' cases

30 Jun 2007   |  ASEAN Forum on Migrant Labour (AFML)   |  Implementation  

ASEAN Human Rights Commissions\"s agreed to prioritize the handling of migrant workers\' human rights violations. The declaration would be submitted to a high-level task force as input in the formulation of an ASEAN Human Rights Charter.

ILO Sub-Regional Tripartite Symposium on Managing Labour Migration in East Asia

17 Jun 2007   |  Organizations   |  International Institutions  

Migrant workers, especially those in lower skilled and lower paid jobs, can be potentially vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous employers or employment agents. Both the source and host countries have a part to play to strengthen the regulation and m

Indonesian CSO_TU Consultation: Protection and Promotion of the Rights of the Migrant Workers

09 Jun 2007   |  ASEAN Migrant Workers   |  ASEAN  

A new deal for migrant workers in South East Asia is being pressed on ASEAN states. The task force recommends compliance provisions and contact with focal points in each state’s Ministry of Labour. Action against discrimination is urged along with acti

ILO: ASEAN faces challenges to ensure sustainable growth

09 Jun 2007   |  Organizations   |  International Institutions  

In 2005 the total number of migrants originating from ASEAN was estimated at 13.5 million, 39 per cent of whom were in other ASEAN member countries. In 2006 more than 148 million of ASEAN’s 262 million workers did not earn enough to lift themselves and th