\"Decent Work Deficit\"

31 Jul 2006   |  Advocacy Campaigns   |  Labour News  

The decent work deficit \"is expressed in the absence of sufficient employment opportunities, inadequate social protection, the denial of rights at work and shortcomings in social dialogue.\"

ILO Wants Progress on Forced Labor in Burma

31 Jul 2006   |  ASEAN Migrant Workers   |  Burma  

Further action may include referring Burma to the Court of International Justice, as the ILO’s Commission of Inquiry has stated that forced labor in Burma constitutes a crime against humanity

MALAYSIA: New crackdown on illegals

31 Jul 2006   |  ASEAN Migrant Workers   |  Malaysia  

Malaysia has launched several crackdowns since 1992 on illegal workers, most of whom come from impoverished parts of Southeast Asia.

Smoother entry for 100,000

31 Jul 2006   |  ASEAN Migrant Workers   |  Singapore  

MALAYSIA and Singapore have resolved the long-standing problem over the use of passports by the 100,000 Malaysians who commute daily to the republic for work and other purposes.

New Migrant Worker Regulations

31 Jul 2006   |  ASEAN Migrant Workers   |  Thailand  

The Thai government has amended its registration policy for migrant workers, allowing them to apply for work permits without a previously required deposit, according to an official announcement.

No labour law protection for Indonesian Domestic Workers

31 Jul 2006   |  ASEAN Migrant Workers   |  Malaysia  

Indonesian Domestic workers in Malaysia are NOT protect by the labour law that would provide for annual and sick leave, days off and overtime payment.

Largest strike in HCM City

31 Jul 2006   |  Consultations   |  TF-AMW  

28 December 2005, around 18,000 Freetrend employees went on strike asking for higher wages.

Two Indonesian maids escape gallows for killing employer

31 Jul 2006   |  ASEAN Migrant Workers   |  Singapore  

\"We in Indonesia will try to improve the quality of the domestic worker looking for work in Singapore but at the same time also appeal to employers to treat our domestic workers humanely.\"

Do Domestic Workers Need a Day Off?

31 Jul 2006   |  ASEAN Migrant Workers   |  Singapore  

Singapore courts frequently hear cases of domestic worker abuse--or those concerning retaliatory murder, the usual plea of defense lawyers on behalf of their clients being that they were driven to homicide after suffering extreme abuse.

Thailand Draws Migrants Despite Tough Laws

31 Jul 2006   |  ASEAN Migrant Workers   |  Thailand  

By December 2004, only 814,000 migrant workers of the nearly 1.3 million who had initially registered with Thailand\'s labour authorities, had received work permits.