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Advocacy (Labour News)

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Malaysia: Refusing to resolve migrant woes
(Labour News)
Fri, Dec 18, 2009

The 7-8 December 2009 ACMW Drafting Committee Meeting on a Framework Instrument on the Protection and Promotion of Migrant Workers’ Rights in Kuala Lumpur ended in deadlock. The Malaysian government continues to oppose the stance taken by its three Asean ACMW partners to include provisions to protect the rights of all migrant workers and their families.
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Migrant workers' rights: ASEAN fails to agree
(Labour News)
Thu, Dec 17, 2009

The Malaysian government continues to refuse to allow consideration of either undocumented migrant workers or families of migrant workers in the scope and coverage of the negotiations on the future Instrument on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers. Source: Aliran, 21 December 2009
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Protecting the rights of migrant workers and their families: Malaysia’s obligation
(Labour News)
Sun, Dec 06, 2009

7 and 8 December 2009 , the ACMW Drafting Committee meets in Kuala Lumpur hosted by the Ministry of Human Resources. A significant number of migrant workers in the region are temporary workers, domestic workers, informal sector workers and self-employed workers. It is important to ensure that these categories of workers, who are often overlooked, are included in the coverage of a regional Instrument.
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Indonesian Civil Society recommendations delivered to the ACMW Indonesian Drafting Team reps
(Labour News)
Thu, Dec 03, 2009

3 December 2009 Indonesian Civil Society recommendations delivered to the ACMW Indonesian Drafting Team reps who will attend meetings in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (7-8 December 2009) - to draft the ASEAN Framework Instrument on the protection and promotion of the rights of mgirant workers.
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TF AMW Message for the International Migrants Day, 18 December 2008
(Labour News)
Mon, Dec 15, 2008

On this International Migrants Day, the TF-AMW urges ASEAN Member States to intensify efforts to implement the ASEAN Declaration, and to pro-actively act at the national level to harmonize their labour laws and practices with international labour standards. There is great need for continuing ASEAN solidarity that ensures a fair and just deal for both national and migrant workers.
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Lao Officials discuss ASEAN migrant workers
(Labour News)
Fri, Oct 10, 2008

The Vientiane Times reported on the Lao National Consultation on the ASEAN Declaration on the rights of migrant workers.
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ASEAN member states urged to ratify UN Human Rights Treaties and ILO Core Conventions
(Labour News)
Wed, Jan 24, 2007

Task Force on ASEAN Migrant Workers, FORUM-ASIA, and Migrant Forum in Asia jointly submitted a written statement to ASEAN member states to appeal for the ratification and implementation of the UN Treaties and ILO Conventions.
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"Decent Work Deficit"
(Labour News)
Mon, Jul 31, 2006

The decent work deficit "is expressed in the absence of sufficient employment opportunities, inadequate social protection, the denial of rights at work and shortcomings in social dialogue."
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